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We have listed the biggest World of warcraft rated battleground boosters there is on this site! Giving you price information, and some other useful information about them! Feel free to look around in the table and visit there websites for more information about them, exclusive packages and much more.

Note, that just because we have listed a booster here, its not 100% secure to buy virtual goods its always a chance to lose your money! But by choosing a booster we have verified the chance is small that they take your moneys without giving you what you pay for!
By boosting your world of warcraft rated battleground rating you get access to a lot more powerful gear then you normally maybe never had earned by yourself! So this is the best option for you that haven’t the time to play many hours everyday to raise the rating high by yourself! so buy a boost! And brag around and get spots more easy in high rated groups!
wowboost.org is needed because that all the boosting service company’s is blaming the other boosters for being scammers on there website, just so they can earn more costumers and look more legit. Thats where we come in! We have no connection what so ever to a single boosting service. We are totaly independent and are here for you! We might host some ads or promoting someones businesses more then others thou, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best choice or more serious then the other services that is listed and verified on our site!

Detailed info on rbg can be found on the main website.

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